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Articles, blog posts, tutorials, and multimedia presentations explaining how to do something related to teaching online.

10 Tips for First-Time Online Faculty. At nearly every institution of higher education, faculty are being asked to prepare for the possibility of teaching courses online. As an experienced online professor, here are 10 Tips to help you transition to teaching online.

Academic Continuity Toolkit. Faculty and Student Toolkits to quickly navigate going from face-to-face to online learning.

ADA Compliance for Online Course Design. Tips for teaching an accessible online course.

Coronavirus and Teaching from Home: Ten Ways to Engage and Instruct Students Remotely. Tips for teaching in a virtual environment.

COVID-19 Planning. Sample survey for students when transitioning to online instruction. 

COVID-19 & Student Affairs: Supporting and Engaging Students when Instruction has Temporarily Moved Online by Jaimie L. Hoffman. A resource about how to make on-ground support available to students temporarily learning online and how to support/develop online students.

Doc Camera Hack. Quick, late-night, kind of rough but still very accessible and useful tutorial on making a document camera out of a tablet and a stack of books.

How to Be a Better Online Teacher by Flower Darby. Advice guide in The Chronicle of Higher Education on tips for teaching online.

How to Hide Your Messy Room for a Zoom Video Conference. Blog post on how to change the backdrop of your video.

How to Jump into Online Teaching! Four practical steps and questions to ask yourself to help you quickly jump into online teaching and learning.

How to Quickly Teach Online by Glenn Geher. Tips for quickly turning your class into an online class, if needed.

How to Teach Guided Reading to Early Readers Part 1. YouTube video on how to teach guided reading with 1st graders.

Inclusion, Equity, and Access While Teaching Remotely by Rice University Center for Teaching Excellence. How can faculty and instructors ensure that all students have access to the materials they need to succeed in the course when the learning contexts are rapidly changing?

IMPACT Initiative Guides & Tools. How-tos for Blackboard, Panopto, Poll Everywhere, and VoiceThread.

Khan Academy Schedules. Suggested daily schedules for attending school on Khan Academy.

Maintaining Connections and Community in the Midst of COVID-2019 by Vernon Wall, Chris Moody, and Trisha Fechter Gates of the ACPA-College Student Educators International. Title says it all.

MIT Open Courseware. A guide to teaching anywhere at MIT. 

Online Teaching by Anna S. CohenMiller. An evolving compilation of resources, ideas, and things to avoid with online teaching.

Pandemic Prepping in the Language Class: Instructional Contingency Planning for Emergency Situations by Trish Nolde, Marlene Johnshoy, and George Detiveaux. An article in a free magazine on technology integration in language teaching and learning

Preparing for Just-in-time Remote Teaching/Learning by Jonathan D. Becker. Blog post on getting ready for transitioning to online teaching.

Student Survey: Considerations for Online Teaching/Learning. Text of a survey for students about their needs, challenges, and concerns with moving face-to-face instruction online in order to facilitate social distancing.

Synchronous Online Teaching Strategies. Series of virtual professional development sessions for teaching online.

Teaching Online in a Shutdown: Tips for Working at Home. Six short, concrete microvideos for learning how to teach online during a shutdown.

Teaching Online Resources by Florence Martin. Resources to assist with instructional continuity during COVID-19.

Teaching Qualitative Methods Online: A Few Things That I Do by Leigh Graves Wolf. Blog post one teaching qualitative methods online.

Teaching Remotely in Times of Need by Torrey Trust. Collection of tools and strategies for teaching online

Teaching Remotely at University of Illinois Springfield. General guidelines for switching content to an online format.

Teaching Theatre Online: A Shift in Pedagogy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak by Dr. Daphne Sicre. A google doc with ideas, resources, references, and more.

Things to Consider if Your Are Moving Entire Course Online Due to Coronavirus Outbreak by Devrim Ozdemir. Here are a few things you may need to consider while you are working on this transition.

Tips for Those Who Are New to Online Teaching by Karl Kapp. Tips for each type of environment. Not comprehensive, but hopefully helpful.

Thread on Online Teaching by @DrArjana. Twitter thread on online teaching.

Transitioning to Online During COVID-19 by Dr. Christine J. Shanks. Curated guide for teaching online.

Working From Home During A Pandemic Bingo. Title says it all.